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Osicom Introduces "Any POP" Finance Program for Fast-Growing ISPs

Network solutions firm Osicom Technologies, Inc. today introduced its "Any POP" Finance Program targeted to new ISPs (Internet Service Providers) at this week's ISPCON Fall '98.

The package is designed to help small- to medium-sized ISPs acquire the remote-access products they need to grow their businesses.

Osicom said its ISP-focused financing simplifies the purchasing process for the IQX-200 and other network access applications, such as its ROUTERmate family of products.

The IQX-200 is designed to consolidate V.90 dial-in, leased lines, Frame Relay and ISDN to provide flexible service provisioning to corporate and consumer subscribers. With on-board modems, integral CSU/DSUs and a 10/100 LAN adapter standard, the IQX-200 can either be deployed into new service areas (Remote POP in a Box) or be used as a cost-effective expansion to the central site where the Web, mail and other data servers are located (POP Extender).

"The exponential growth in Internet usage demands that our ISP customers focus their resources on serving a fast-growing customer base," said Eric Kraieski, vice president of channel sales and marketing at Osicom.

"Therefore, we want to make it easy for those customers to get the equipment they need without locking up precious resources. . . . With our 'Any POP' leasing we've made it easier for ISPs to get the best value for their customers."

Customers can purchase the competitively priced IQX-200 RAS at $215 per port, or lease for under $6 per port per month for ISPs with rated credit and under $9 for any ISP, the company stated.