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Qwest, AT&T CerfNet Sign Up with InterVu

Today InterVu announced at ISPcon that it is adding Qwest Communications and AT&T CERFnet to its list of virtual network partners.

Both companies' Tier 1 backbones will now be used to deliver multimedia content for InterVubs clients which include CNN, NBC, Major League Baseball, and others.

CERFnet vice president Pushpendra Mohta said the decision fits in with his company's long-range strategy to provide sufficient bandwidth to support "multimillion-hit Webcasts."

InterVu's multimedia delivery service is now capable of providing up to 75,000 streams, according to InterVu vice president Doug Augustine. The service was recently used by CNN for its delivery of the Clinton grand jury video.

InterVu maintains ten multimedia delivery centers strategically located throughout the United States. Each site mirrors the multimedia content being offered by its Web site partners, so the sites can off load the video delivery to the InterVu network. The addition of CERFnet and Qwest to the virtual network partners means these two networks will provide more bandwidth for Web sites using the InterVu delivery service.

Multimedia streams are delivered in a variety of formats, including Real players, Microsoft Netshow, QuickTime, MPEG and Shockwave. The InterVu server is able to detect the player installed a userbs system and begin playback in any supported format. The cost of using the service for a Web site ranges from less than $2,000 for delivery of a single audio or video file, to several thousand dollars a month for sites with extensive video offerings.