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Amplify.Net Allows ISPs to Charge for Bandwidth Used

Amplify.Net is offering a solution for large Webs sites that need to do a better job at balancing the traffic into their servers. The company introduced as ISPCON today what company president Pauline Lo Aker calls the next generation of bandwidth management solutions.

In addition to providing better controls over how bandwidth is used, the company's products will make it possible for ISPs and large Web sites to charge customers based on the amount of bandwidth they use.

The start-up is offering two products. ISurfRanger allows corporate intranets or ISPs to dynamically allocate and prioritize bandwidth for up to 20,000 user groups. Bandwidth usage is tracked and can be exported directly into a billing system. The software can be used to monitor multiple Web sites from a single station.

iSurfPatrol is designed for content providers. It can be used to prioritize bandwidth for up to 64,000 Web surfers and can be used to assign different levels of service to specific classes of customers. A brokerage service, for example, might give priority to established customers in using the sites stock quote analysis services.

The software will is scheduled to enter beta testing in October. Prices will range from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on configuration.