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Lucent Debuts Network Security Solutions

Lucent Technologies unveiled a new suite of enhanced network security solutions which allows service providers and enterprises to protect private networks and offer secure Internet transactions.

The suite is comprised of the new Lucent VPN Gateway v1.0, the Lucent Managed Firewall v3.0 and Lucent RealSecure v2.5. These network security solutions are linked and centrally controlled through a common, integrated management system. General availability of the products is slated for the end of October.

Lucent also announced that Canadian ISP, ACC TelEnterprises, is currently deploying these solutions throughout its network and plans to use the suite the protection and security of network services for its customers.

One of the key components the suite offers is that all three network security solutions can be managed from one workstation using Lucent's Security Management Server.

The common, integrated management system employs a Java-based graphical user interface to administer the enterprise's network security policies, maintain audit and alarm information and manage up to 25 VPN or firewall appliances and Lucent RealSecure engines across multiple networks.

In addition, Lucent said The Security Management Server is now able to support remote downloading of software updates, therefore reducing the time and expense associated with maintaining multiple, geographically dispersed appliances.

Other suite features include:

  • Lucent VPN Gateway uses the IP Security (IPSec) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) industry standards to support secure, interoperable LAN-to-LAN and client-to-LAN VPN connections over the Internet for remote access, intranet and extranet applications.

  • The Lucent Managed Firewall is able to process data at 100 megabits per second (Mbps), and has been upgraded to provide some of the highest throughput of any commercially available firewall. It also adds an additional port for more service capacity and supports advanced reporting and analysis tools from WebTrends and Telemate.

  • Lucent RealSecure, the intrusion detection product resulting from an OEM agreement between Lucent and Internet Security Systems, will be available as a standalone product or it can be integrated into the Lucent Managed Firewall. When integrated into the firewall, it enables network security managers to be notified by e-mail or page when attacks are happening on their networks and can stop some attacks in progress.

"The centralized management capabilities of Lucent's network security solutions enable us to not only manage firewalls in multiple networks from a single workstation, but we can also divide one firewall into several 'virtual' firewalls to serve different customers," said, Matt Stein, manager of Internet Operations, ACC TelEnterprises.

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