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ISP from Quebec wins Hummer

Louis-Marius Gendreau, the founder of an Internet service provider in Montreal, Canada, won the new Hummer at ISPCON Fall 98.

"I could not believe it. When they began trying to pronounce my long name and saying it all wrong, I knew they were talking about me," said Gendreau. "I almost had a blackout. My hands began to tremble. I said a few bad words in French."

The yellow four-door, four-wheel drive rugged terrain vehicle is valued at $76,052. Gendreau said the wide body of the Hummer would be a challenge to fit through the narrow, European-style streets of his hometown.

Gendreau is the founder of ClicNet, an ISP based in Quebec.

Laughing and speaking incredulously in French, Gendreau and his five-member team piled into the Hummer and drove it out of the McEnery Convention Center. They were last seen headed north.