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Snap and CNET Roll Out Email.Com

CNET Inc. Tuesday became the latest Internet player to jump in the free e-mail game, turning up the heat on what is an already crowded market.

CNET formally unveiled Email.com Tuesday which it plans to prominently feature on Snap.com, the company's own search engine and Internet portal.

First announced in May as a three-year alliance between e-mail provider iName and CNET, the service appears as a link on Snap's front page and also on the navigation bar across all CNET sites.

Additional iName clients include CNN, CNNSI, and SportsLine USA.

"Consumers now have a convenient, comprehensive Web-based messaging service they can use for life," said Halsey Minor, CNET's chief executive officer. "The simple, easy to remember domain name, coupled with universal access and flexibility, make Email.com the most desirable Web-based e-mail service available. We're pleased to offer users this essential and distinguishing feature at Snap and CNET."

"The coveted Email.com domain name merits association with one of the fastest-growing Internet portal services and the leading technology content provider on the Web," said Lon Otremba, COO of iName. "We look forward to continuing to develop new and exciting Web-based features for this premium service, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction."