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Electric Lightwave to Speed New York Net Access

Furthering its bid to expand nationally, communications provider Electric Lightwave Inc. announced Wednesday that it will offer high-speed data and Internet access services to businesses in the New York area.

Using its national fiber optic network, Electric Lightwave will provide New York, Connecticut and New Jersey businesses with high-speed data and Internet service, including frame relay, point-to-point private lines, Remote NetConnect, Asynchronous Transfer Mode and transparent Local Area Network services.

The company said its services will allow the region's businesses to hurdle over bandwidth constraints and provide reliable, ultra high-speed data transmission.

"Northeast businesses have a high demand for increased bandwidth capacity to optimize the sharing of information," said Joe Preval, Electric Lightwave's regional agent data manager. "By utilizing our network, business customers are assured higher speeds, greater throughput and value."

The company's national expansion also includes offering data and Internet access services to Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Diego, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Boston.

"New York has seen the shift from voice to data with the advent of the Internet," said Preval. "Our secure, state-of-the-art network in this area is important for businesses who need reliable Internet connection and who are constantly constrained with bandwidth limitations."

The Vancouver, Wash.-based company currently offers data and Internet access solutions to businesses, including local and long distance telephone service, video conferencing, prepaid and broadband transport services to business customers in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Boise.