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Motorola Rolls Out Broadband Home Networking Gateways

Motorola. Inc. Wednesday unveiled new residential home networking services, including information gateways that provides shared broadband access to the Internet.

The gateways are a new type of product that incorporate a cable modem with an in-home data network. The gateways enable homes with multiple PCs to be connected to the Internet simultaneously.

By using the gateways, Motorola said families can access the Internet from any room in the home wirelessly or through existing telephone or electrical wiring using a single broadband information gateway. The in-home networks will provide data, voice, and video services throughout the home with no new wires.

In a related announcement, Motorola said it will license Tut Systems' technology for home networking over existing telephone wiring. The Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HPNA) recently adopted Tut System's technology as its standard for a 1 megabit-per-second Ethernet technology operating over existing home phone wiring.

Motorola is a member of HPNA, HomeRF and Bluetooth, the leading industry groups developing interoperability standards for in-home networking.

"The 'no new wires' home networking technologies are a key to Motorola's strategy for connecting PCs, Internet phones and other Internet-aware devices in the home to the broadband cable network," said Vedat Eyuboglu, vice president of Motorola's Home Networking Product Operation.

"Our gateways will give consumers a cost effective means of sharing access to the Internet without incurring the inconvenience and high-cost of rewiring their homes."

"Our gateways will provide standard telephones and Internet appliances with access to the integrated voice and data networks currently being built by cable MSO's and telecommunications carriers, " said Randy Battat, senior vice president and general manager of Motorola's Internet and Networking Group.