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mPhase TV Over DSL System Charms More Major Networks

Several major broadcasting networks this week joined mPhase Technologies Inc. bid to deliver television programming over digital subscriber lines.

Additional agreements were struck between mPhase (XDSL) and CNBC, MSNBC, FOX Sports, and others. The networks are set to test mPhase's ability to deliver television signals over a twisted pair of copper wires.

mPhase's flagship product, the Traverser Digital Video and Data Delivery System, enables the simultaneous high-bandwidth transmission of voice, data and digital TV over DSL.

In addition to the major TV networks currently under agreement with mPhase, like A&E, BBC, C-SPAN, Comedy Central, STARZ!, and others, the additional networks are part of an ongoing experiment being conducted by H art Communications, Inc. in Hartwell, Georgia.

Hart Communications is the final leg of mPhase's joint venture with AlphaStar International Inc. The two firms formed a pact in March to design, establish, and distribute global broadband television services over copper.

mPhase's Traverser DVDDS uses Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line technology to enable broadband providers to simultaneously transmit high-speed Internet access, up to 400 channels of digital television programming and traditional voice services over copper.

Currently, satellite stations located at mPhase's headquarters in Connecticut receive television network content from AlphaStar. MPhase grabs the programming content, reformats and compresses the data for transport to the CLEC in Georgia.

Next, Hart Communications takes the data and shoots to through mPhase DSL equipment. From there, the signal is sent over digital subscriber lines to 5 homes currently testing the system.

Ronald A. Durando, mPhase president and chief executive officer, said its big name network lineup demonstrates the confidence that the firms have placed in its RDSL technology.

"The increased participation of major television networks in the testing of the Traverser also fuels increased momentum for mPhase and mPhaseTV in our goal to supply a wide variety of digital television to homes via the Traverser DVDDS system," Durando said.

Dana Iannielli, Fox Cable Networks director of national accounts said distributing its content via existing copper wiring is an interesting proposition for viewer acquisition.

"mPhase Television presents an exciting way for Fox Cable Networks to access the potential revenues associated with new customers," Iannielli said. "We're excited about the promise presented by this testing phase."

Upon approval of the tests, each network must sign affiliation agreements, which would permit mPhase to distribute content to telecom companies and DSL providers nationwide. Voice and data broadband providers would be capable of adding TV services to their product portfolios by collocating mPhase's Traverser DVDDS at central office facilities.

DSL providers that tap into mPhase's Traverser system could open up new revenue streams that rival cable services nationwide.

The distribution of digital television content over copper telephone lines using mPhase technology may someday allow major networks to provide programming to U.S. homes that do not have access to coaxial cable systems.