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ISP Launches Member Portal

Internet service provider netgenie Online expanded its community services Thursday with the rollout of its own portal.

The company, which offers a one-time service fee of $99.95, is currently available in 300 cities, about 80 percent of the United States. Its Web site offers channels, chat rooms and newsgroups with links to a variety of topics including, sports, news, entertainment, family, research, travel and health.

The portal is aimed at netgenie members, as a way to simplify their online experiences.

". . .Members have the most popular features of the Internet available in a single convenient place, always ready to be accessed," said Mark Shander, marketing manager for netgenie Online. "Information channels, e-mail, chatrooms and newsgroups are all easy to use, via a Web browser, so there's no hunting for programs for each service."

As the Internet audience expands, so do the efforts to simplify their Web browsing experience. Netgenie is the latest Internet company to follow the portal strategy for customer retention.