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Flashcom Offers DSL Service to Detroit

National digital service provider Flashcom Inc. Monday announced it will offer high-speed digital subscriber line (DSL) service to the Detroit metro area.

Flashcom bills itself as the country's biggest DSL exclusive supplier. It currently services businesses and residents in Northern and Southern California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois and Washington, D.C.

Flashcom's DSL service is up to 50 times quicker than dial-up modem connections and 20 times faster than ISDN. DSL service offers no waiting for connection, no busy signals and is always on and available. In addition, DSL service is a flat-rate service with no usage or mileage charges.

Flashcom's DSL also provides secure connections for banking and e-commerce services. High bandwidth services available through DSL include video on demand, multimedia applications, local area networks, voice over IP (VoIP), and Web site hosting.

"By focusing exclusively on DSL technology, our customers are assured of the finest high-speed experience, knowledge and support available," stated Brad Sachs, president of Flashcom.