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Free ISP NetZero Hits 200,000 Subscriber Mark

Free Internet provider NetZero Inc. this week signed up its 200,000th subscriber after only 11 weeks in business. NetZero offers free Internet access in exchange for sending its users targeted advertising.

While enlisting 200,000 new users during the first 3-months of business, NetZero also delivered more than 300 million page views. According to figures from NetRatings , the performance of the NetZero page views places the company among the top 35 sites by impressions worldwide.

Ronald T. Burr, chief executive officer of NetZero Inc. said "as these figures indicate, both subscriber and advertiser acceptance of NetZero's service has been nothing short of outstanding." He added that the company is "heartened by the spontaneous emergence of NetZero-oriented communities around the Internet. He said more than 600 sites now feature NetZero Now buttons that permit immediate downloading of our software.

NetZero provides free local dial-up access and e-mail services in the continental U.S. In order to subscribe to NetZero, users must complete a profile that captures their interests and records their demographic, geographic and psychographic data. The information collected facilitates the company's ability to deliver targeted advertising for the company's commercial clients.

NetZero opens a small display on the desktop of each subscriber that delivers 30-second ads that match the users profile, interests and online behavior. Unlike banner ads, NetZero delivers personalized ads directly to the viewer. The subscriber can move the NetZero window to a preferred location on their monitor, but cannot close the screen.