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IBM Global Site Facelift Features Business Appeal1

IBM Corp. Monday updated the web interface for IBM.net Global Site, the world's largest information technology services provider. The enhanced Web offering includes e-business tools, expanded Internet services, information channels and improved search capabilities.

The IBM.net Global Site replaced their old frames format with a user-friendly site featuring readily bookmarked navigation. IBM.net now provides additional online business tools through an agreement with DigitalWork Inc., for content and reduced fees on DigitalWork business services.

IBM.net also expanded their Internet access services to include a premium usage plan with 10 megabytes of Web storage and a 12-megabyte mailbox.

The Internet access service is part of IBM's global network business which is being acquired by AT&T. Approximately 1 million customers subscribe to the service that provides access from 1,350 locations in 53 countries.

Revised information channels and an improved search feature provided by LookSmart, round out the new look for the IBM.net web site.

"Today's sophisticated users are increasingly Web savvy," said Bruce R. Jackson, vice president of network services, IBM Global Services. "But they need help in finding the right online tools, resources and information to prosper on the net. That's what we're providing here - the tools, resources and information they need in an all-in-one Webplace, an Internet home no matter where they live or work around the world."