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Free SurfWatch Internet Content Filtering Access for Comcast @Home Customers

Comcast Corp. Wednesday announced its Comcast Online Communications will provide customers with one free year of SurfWatch content filtering software.

SurfWatch access will allow Comcast @Home users to screen out unwanted content before it reaches their computers.

"We want to make the Internet a safe place for Comcast @Home customers and their children to spend time together," said Richard Rasmus, vice president of Comcast Online Communications.

"The Internet contains thousands of sites that are inappropriate for children and many more are added every day. We are proud to give our customers this new tool to help protect their children from these sites while enjoying the rest of the educational and entertainment content the Web has to offer," added Rasmus.

Comcast @Home customers are able to download the SurfWatch software and updates over the Internet. Comcast is the fourth largest domestic cable company serving approximately 4.5 million customers. Comcast Online Communications currently provides high-speed Internet access in California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.

SurfWatch's filtering criteria, developed with an independent advisory committee, will govern what material is blocked for Comcast @Home users. Comcast @Home customers may also modify the filters if they are blocking content to which the users do not object.

SurfWatch Software, a division of Spyglass Inc.,, invented the Internet content filtering market in May 1995 and is the only company to hold a patent on filtering technology.