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Value America, Prodigy Co-Brand Internet Service

Prodigy Communications Corp. is partnering with Value America to create an exclusive co-branded Internet service.

Under the agreement announced late Wednesday, "Value America powered by Prodigy Internet" will provide exclusive discounts and shopping opportunities to subscribers of the co-branded Internet service. Value America currently offers an entertaining online shopping forum filled with office and household goods, toys and food items.

"Integrating an ISP and e-commerce solution is a perfect way to make online life easier and more productive for our customers," said Craig Winn, Value America's chief executive officer. "We chose Prodigy because we believe that Prodigy Internet is an industry leader."

As part of the arrangement, Prodigy will include the Value America online stores in its Marketplace area. Prodigy and Value America have also agreed to partner in an aggressive marketing campaign to promote the co-branded service.

"This deal is a win-win for consumers," said David Trachtenberg, president of Prodigy Communications Corp. "With Value America and Prodigy Internet, members of the co-branded service will get what they want most in an online shopping experience: convenience, choice, speed, security and most of all, value."