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MCI Worldcom to Offer Consumer Internet Service

After much speculation, MCI Worldcom announced Wednesday it would soon begin providing Internet service to consumers.

Speaking at an event sponsored by the Economic Strategies Institute, MCI Worldcom President Tim Price said the company would expand its services to include individual customers.

"This week we'll be announcing a brand new offering from MCI WorldCom--Internet access for all consumers--featuring fast, reliable, dial-up access to the Internet using the UUNet Internet backbone," he said.

MCI Worldcom was forced to abandon its ISP division as a condition of its merger in September 1998, but rumors arose last week that the company was planning to resume its consumer Internet services. UUNet already provides access to businesses, including a recent deal with computer retailer Gateway 2000 for its gateway.net ISP service.

According to published reports, MCI WorldCom will initially offer consumers dial-up Internet access, with high-speed digital subscriber line (DSL) service being added in the future.

MCI Worldcom could not be reached for further comment.

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