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IPass Reveals Cross-Platform Roaming Release

iPass Inc. Tuesday unveiled Release 4.0, a cross-platform suite of three upgrades to its "Access Anywhere" Internet roaming and remote access services.

The Java-based suite is scheduled for public release sometime next month. Release 4.0 includes iPass RoamServer 4.0, enhanced iPass connection software and an advanced underlying Settlement System and Clearinghouse architecture.

Allied with the major Internet service providers worldwide, iPass is a global Internet access provider. iPass RoamServer 4.0 improves the deployment of Internet-based remote access for IT professionals. RoamServer is software that gets installed at the corporate site and works with a company's existing authentication database to provide employees remote access to iPass' 3,000 worldwide access points.

RoamServer 4.0 also has push capabilities enabling iPass to run remote diagnostic tools for their clients. IPass can instantly download new software enhancements to IT managers. The program architecture supports standard authentication programs including RADIUS, TACACS+, NT RAS, and UNIX and NT password files for integration with directories of user IDs and passwords.

"iPass Release 4.0 is an ingenious way to combine the power of many new technologies to meet the most critical needs of ISPs, carriers and businesses, and to ensure that iPass stays several steps ahead of market needs," said Chris Moore, iPass president and chief executive officer.

"Release 4.0 secures our strategic role in the settlement of current and emerging IP-based services. It is also backwards-compatible so existing customers won't experience incongruity if they continue using older iPass technology."