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Diamond, Tut Systems to Provide Access to Apartments

Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc. and Tut Systems Inc. Monday formed a strategic alliance to provide high-speed Internet connectivity and networking solutions for the apartment industry.

As part of the new alliance to serve the hospitality, apartment and education markets, Tut Systems will provide its Expresso MDU product to provision high-speed Internet access to multiple dwelling units and Diamond Multimedia will provide its HomeFree Phoneline network adapter card to enable home networking on the premises.

By combining the two technologies, apartment and hotel owners can install interoperable Internet access and home networking solutions for less than $400 per line. Within a tenant's room, a PC equipped with a Diamond HomeFree Phoneline network adapter can plug into an available phone jack and uses existing phone lines for Internet access.

Tut Systems' Expresso MDU system is designed to sit in the basement or wiring closet of a multiple dwelling facility to deliver high-speed Internet access to individual units within a building. The combination of Tut's technology and Diamond's network adapter card will provide multiple dwelling units with a cost-effective Internet access solution because it uses the existing phone wiring of a building's infrastructure.

The alliance also includes product development, marketing and sales activities for future branded products based on Tut Systems' HomeRun technology.

"Diamond Multimedia and Tut Systems share a common vision of the need to provide affordable, easy-to-use networking solutions that require 'no new wires' and operate over existing in-building telephone wiring. This new alliance is an important step for us and enables us to market and sell HomeFree products to organizations that service the multiple dwelling unit industry," said Jim Cady, vice president and general manager of Diamond Multimedia's communications division

Sal D'Auria, president and CEO of Tut Systems said Diamond Multimedia is an ideal technology partner to extend the value of our Expresso MDU platform as a cost-effective way to provide Internet access to the tenants of multiple dwelling units.

Diamond Multimedia provides advanced products that enable desktop computer users to create, access and experience media content from their PC's and through the Internet. Products include Internet audio appliances, video, graphics and 3D gaming accelerators, modems and home networking products.

Tut Systems designs, develops and markets advanced communications products which enable high-speed data access over the copper infrastructure of telephone companies, as well as the copper telephone wires in homes, businesses and other buildings.

Tut Systems first deployed their system at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon on Jan. 20.