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Prodigy Launches Web-Mail Access

Prodigy Communications Corp. Tuesday the launched Prodigy MailLink, a new web-based e-mail program that allows its users to access their e-mail from any PC connected to the Internet.

Prodigy has teamed with Mail.com, which developed the online interface and technology featured in Prodigy MailLink. Formerly known as iName, Mail.com has also partnered with CNN Interactive, NBC, Snap,, GTE and AltaVista to provide Internet messaging solutions and Web mail services.

Unlike free web-based email programs like MSN's Hotmail, or Yahoo! Mail, the new service is offered exclusively to Prodigy Internet members.

"We are proud to be working with Prodigy to provide its members with this cutting-edge solution," said Lon Otremba, Mail.com's chief operating officer."Prodigy members are the first to take advantage of our unique new Web mail service, which makes their e-mail so much more valuable and easy to use."

To access e-mail, members will simply go to the Prodigy MailLink URL on any computer with Internet access and type in their Prodigy e-mail address and password. The service includes an address book, multiple folders, and signature files.

"Prodigy MailLink is like a one-stop e-mail solution," said David Trachtenberg, Prodigy's president and chief operating officer. "Now, all Prodigy Internet members have the best of both worlds: the preferred functionality of POP3 mail with the flexibility of Web-based access wherever they may be."