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UUNET Tops 1 Million Dial-up Access Ports

UUNET Monday announced a major expansion of its global Internet access infrastructure that includes offering new European Dial Access Network (EuroDAN) services.

In conjunction with the global network expansion, UUNET will introduce a new set of global dial-up Internet services for businesses under the UUdial brand name. UUdial VIP (Virtual Internet Provider) plans to provide global dial access services specifically designed for Internet service providers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

"Historically, ISPs have often been limited to a local business model, and global companies have purchased Internet services based on the needs and preferences of offices in individual countries and regions," said Mark Spagnolo, UUNET's president and chief executive officer.

"But more and more, we are seeing the need for a truly global solution, with one provider, one consistent set of services, and one equal level of service. Our new global UUdial services will meet this need."

In order to expand the company's global dial-up network, UUNET and MCI WorldCom have completed the development of the European Dial Access Network. EuroDAN provides a consistent dial-up Internet infrastructure within Europe. Approximately 50,000 additional European modem ports have been installed in 11 European countries, breaking the 1 million dial-up port watershed for UUNET.

The EuroDAN network will serve Internet access to Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The network will also provide services to AOL Europe customers.

"Internet service provision is a great business opportunity, both for 'conventional' ISPs and increasingly also for well known brands that wish to provide their customers with Internet access," said Dennis Brouwer, UUNET's vice president of product marketing and global dial services.

"However, building and maintaining a state-of-the-art global dial-up network is a task requiring specialized skills and investment. UUNET has the skills and investment required - and UUdial VIP enables companies to build their own Internet business while leveraging UUNET's expertise."