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EarthLink Streamlines Hosting, E-Commerce Options

EarthLink Network Inc. announced Tuesday it has streamlined its Web hosting services and reduced prices its e-commerce services.

Both moves reinforce EarthLink's commitment to providing the small- office and home-office market with customized Web hosting options and easy e-commerce start-ups.

StarterSite members can now add server space and traffic, e-commerce capabilities, secure server connections and a variety of email options to tailor the web sites.

"Our objective is to deliver the power of the Internet to give the little guy the resources to play in the big guys' sandbox," said Julie Mantis, EarthLink's vice president of sales. "We want to help businesspeople keep their mind off technological details and concentrate on their businesses.

In a related announcement EarthLink has also lowered pricing on the company's e-commerce services. TotalCommerce Web hosting packages now start at $20 a month and include a merchant account from Cardservice International.

Through agreements with Breakthrough Software Inc. and Mercantec Inc., TotalCommerce offers a set of store building and administration tools for e-commerce Web sites.

Site owners can now coordinate legacy accounting and inventory systems with Web design and server space while applying for merchant account establishment, all in one step.

"Our TotalCommerce offerings are designed to make it easy and affordable for small and mid-sized companies to extend their business sales onto the Internet," Mantis said.

"We can set people up with a merchant account, offer them the store builder tools and give them the flexibility to tailor their site to meet their needs. It cuts down on the number of steps required to conduct commerce on the Web and makes them feel comfortable with the process."