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AT&T To Provide Advanced ATM Services

Telecommunications giant AT&T Tuesday debuted its broadband local Asynchronous Transfer Mode services and announced plans to offer their services in 41 U.S. cities this year.

In related news, AT&T also debuted Local Transparent LAN Services featuring seamless, LAN-to-LAN connectivity on AT&T's ATM network platform.

The new services can provide businesses with one national vendor for end-to-end, transparent local area network connectivity. The high-speed AT&T services are now available in Los Angeles, Oakland, Calif., Phoenix and Portland, Oregon.

By April, AT&T ATM services will be available in Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Hartford, Conn., Houston, Kansas City, Mo., Minneapolis/St. Paul, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Sacramento, Calif., San Francisco and Tampa, Fla.

Services to Milwaukee, Nashville, Tenn.; New York, and Orlando, Fla., are scheduled for May 1. Fifteen additional locations are currently scheduled to be added in the third quarter.

AT&T Local ATM Service features include Web-based tools to monitor data networks, self-healing network capabilities via SONET Rings and automatic rerouting for connections between points of presence in the same LATA.

AT&T's national and local service enhancements are supported by an ATM service level agreement that includes guarantees on provisioning, network availability, restoration time, latency and throughput.

"Businesses need an end-to-end ATM solution as they continue to increase their use of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as groupware, imaging, telemedicine, distance learning, and video streaming," said Joe Lueckenhoff, product vice president for AT&T Data Network Services.

AT&T Transparent LAN Service offers a turn-key solution for the interconnection of disparate LANs in the same 41 cities in which Local ATM Service is available.

The TLS service includes a LAN-to-ATM Concentrator that converts LAN traffic into ATM cells, which are then transported onto the existing AT&T network platform. The cells are reassembled at the receiving location, providing a seamless interconnection for users.

"Our customers are telling us they want one provider and one network for these demanding applications. AT&T Local ATM complements our existing ATM portfolio and gives them an end-to-end, seamless solution," Lueckenhoff said.