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Covad Communications Launches High-Speed Business Service

Covad Communications Monday today announced TeleSpeed Remote, its the first national Digital Subscriber Line service that provides high-speed interconnection between corporations and remote branch offices.

Covad has launched the new service in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Seattle and Sacramento metropolitan areas and has announced plans to deploy its networks in a total of 51 U.S. cities by the end of 1999.

The nationwide DSL services were made accessible through agreements between Covad, AT&T and Qwest Communications for Asynchronous Transfer Mode network backbone access.

"Currently, no other service provider is offering this type of nationwide connectivity," said Robert E. Knowling, Jr., Covad's president and chief executive officer.

Knowling added that Covad's ability to "dramatically reduce the cost of uniting geographically distant offices and teleworkers, gives companies a way to communicate on a nationwide basis."

"The exploding growth in the small business market and the mobile workforce is driving the need for affordable access to data and Internet services for remote workers and smaller offices," said Ken Sichau, president of AT&T Growth Markets.

"Multimedia and Internet-based applications and services are the key drivers behind the growing requirement for broadband in the business market," said Larry A. Seese, Qwest Communications' executive vice president of network engineering and operations.

Internet service providers can utilize the new high-speed service to offer remote access solutions to businesses served in their local markets and to expand into new markets.

The network architecture provides user access to the network through Covad connections. The data is then sent across the U.S. on either an AT&T or Qwest backbone and delivered to the Covad network at the new location.

For example, an employee on the West Coast could access information from the corporate network located on the East Coast at the same speed as employees access the corporate network, locally.