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Bell Atlantic Cuts DSL Pricing

Bell Atlantic is reducing prices on entry-level Digital Subscriber Line service and Internet access by $10.

Customers who subscribe to the Bell Atlantic Personal Infospeed DSL package and Bell Atlantic.net Internet access will pay just under $50 a month for unlimited usage. The price cuts are effective Thursday.

Infospeed is Bell Atlantic's brand name for the Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology utilized to provide Internet access up to 640Kbps over existing copper phone lines.

BA DSL service is currently available in parts of the Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia metropolitan areas and the Hudson River waterfront communities of New Jersey. BA plans to extend DSL service offerings to the New York City and Boston metropolitan areas sometime this spring. By the end of 1999 BA intends to deploy DSL services to more than 8 million households in their service area.

"We're accelerating the momentum for DSL by making high-quality, high-speed access to the Internet more affordable for consumers who want an always- on connection," said Myles Mendelsohn, vice president and general manager of Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions.

In addition to the price cut, Infospeed users now have access to NBC and CNET's new Snap.com portal service. The gateway service is designed specifically for high-speed users and features media-rich content and services.

Bell Atlantic has recently expanded the availability of its DSL servers to include access for Macintosh computers, Mac clones and the iMac.

Mendelsohn added "we recognize there are many choices for Internet access and that's why we're striving to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers."