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Prodigy Gets Competitive With Pricing, Usage Plans

Prodigy Communications Corp. Friday introduced two new Internet usage plans for Prodigy Internet users nationwide.

Prodigy announced a new plan for people who use the Internet just minutes a day. For less than $10 a month, customers can utilize 10 hours of Internet access. Additional hours of access cost $1.50 per hour. Prodigy Internet users also can add up to five additional mailboxes for just $2 more each month, when subscribed to the standard unlimited usage plan.

"E-mail is now a critical communications tool for everyone in the household," said David Trachtenberg, Prodigy's president and chief operating officer. "With this new plan, we're giving our members an affordable way to organize their e-mail so that they can more easily create separate mailboxes and vanity addresses to give out to a growing circle of family, friends, and business associates."

"Prodigy Internet is a perfect choice for people who use the Internet a few minutes a day to return e-mail and check their stocks," Trachtenberg added. "We're tailoring price plans to meet every market need because one size does not fit all when it comes to the Internet."

Top national ISPs have been offering the same services since late 1998. AOL currently offers 5 email addresses on every type of Internet usage plan and AT&T offers the same services fees for a 10-hour limited access program as Prodigy, but additional hours of service are just under $1.

Currently, Prodigy is in the midst of a national marketing plan that criticizes AOL's practice of displaying "pop-up" ads on log on screens. The Prodigy marketing strategy is devised to stress the value of unlimited monthly Internet access in a crowded marketplace that includes offers of free Internet access in exchange for viewing advertising.

Prodigy is a nationwide ISP providing access to over 638,000 customers in more than 750 cities across the country.