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GeoCities Taps Netopia As DSL Provider

GeoCities Monday tapped Netopia, Inc. Monday to create and manage its Digital Subscriber Line Education Center.

In addition, GeoCities named Netopia as the exclusive small business DSL partner for its "Pages that Pay" e-commerce affiliate program.

Netopia expects to launch its DSL Education Center for small businesses by early next month. The center will be available for free and will offer small business owners a wide range of information on DSL. Visitors will also be able to determine if DSL is available at their business address.

In the DSL partner in the "Pages that Pay" affiliate program, Netopia will promote its own DSL products and its Service Provider partners' DSL solutions to the more the estimated 19.5 million monthly GeoCities visitors.

GeoCities Homesteaders that want to become a Netopia DSL affiliate can display a Netopia link on their personal home pages. In return for the display, members will earn commissions from sales that generate when their visitors purchase DSL equipment and services from Netopia's Service Provider partners.

"The Internet is the ultimate tool for small businesses," said Thomas R. Evans, GeoCities president and chief executive officer.

"E-commerce is changing the pace of the Web and we are ready with the tools and technology to help emerging small Internet businesses get online fast. With Netopia's DSL offering, small businesses can now experience high-speed connections that rival expensive T1 line connections," Evans said.

"With its more than 3.5 million Homesteaders and over 19.5 million unique visitors per month, GeoCities has a huge audience with tremendous purchasing power. We look forward to capitalizing on their consumer brand and tremendous reach across the Internet," said Alan Lefkof, Netopia's president and chief executive officer.