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CompuServe Targets Key Professional Groups

CompuServe Tuesday formed a custom solutions division to service specialty professional markets.

The new division's mission is to develop and create co-branded customized versions of its CompuServe 2000 service and to offer private label Internet solutions for professional markets, businesses and trade organizations.

Steve Owens, who assumes the title of managing director, will run CompuServe's custom solutions division. From its corporate base in Columbus, Ohio, the business group will work to create custom end-to-end Internet solutions for strategic partners.

CompuServe already provides such a service for airline personnel from twenty major airlines. Beth Sibbring, CompuServe's vice president of commerce, will continue to manage CompuServe's airline crew services effort. For the past 10 years, the division has provided airline personnel from twenty major airlines with CompuServe Internet access and support communications.

"Custom Solutions will allow us to focus on an exciting new business direction for CompuServe in addition to our core online service that will drive significant new revenue streams, expand membership, and provide additional exposure to the CompuServe brand," said Audrey Weil, CompuServe's general manager.

"As the online service geared for the busy professional, CompuServe has the unique ability to tailor its service to the specific needs of each of these professional communities," Owens said.

Owens added that CompuServe is "drawing upon this unique experience to provide businesses and professional markets with a manageable Internet experience, communications tools, news and research that professionals need to be more productive on the job and to manage their lives overall."

CompuServe's Custom Solutions team plans to develop additional custom environments for the accounting, human resources, insurance and medical professions, as well as for large businesses.

"Partners also like our all new CompuServe 2000 for its faster speeds, better e-mail and easy installation and registration. For the professional user, reliability, global access and ease-of-use are at the core of what an Internet service should be," Owens said.

CompuServe, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc., is a global ISP providing content and access for approximately 2 million worldwide members.