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AOL Worldwide Membership Hits 34 Million

America Online, Inc.'s worldwide membership has surpassed more than 34 million and the Dulles, Va.-based company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AL Time Warner , says its members are using the service for more than a billion total hours a month. Individually, AOL users are now spending more than an hour a day on the service.

AOL also said it is continuing to rollout its high speed broadband service, adding four more cable markets to the 20 Time Warner Cable markets launched last fall. The company expects the service to be available in all 40 Time Warner Cable markets by summer. The broadband service is also available through DSL partnerships with BellSouth, Qwest, SBC and Verizon customers as well as through the DirecPC satellite service wherever AOL's dial-up service reaches.

AOL's broadband content is integrated into AOL 7.0 and threaded throughout its more popular channels including sports, entertainment and music. The company said members are "enthusiastically embracing" exclusive broadband offerings such as the live webcast of the celebrity performances from the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party, in-season highlights from HBO's "Inside the NFL" and pre-release and new DVD content from artists like AC/DC, David Gray, Linkin Park and O-Town.

"As we continue to build our subscriber base worldwide, AOL members are integrating more and more online activities into their lives. This is underscored by the fact that our members are spending on average more than 70 minutes a day with the service," said Barry Schuler, chairman and chief executive officer of AOL.