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Jim Zemlin Explains how the Linux Foundation Scales Beyond Just Linux

When Jim Zemlin helped to start the Linux Foundation back in 2007, it was an organization with a singular purpose: to help grow and enable the Linux ecosystem. Now in 2015, the Linux Foundation is more than just Linux, and has helped to enable multiple open source foundations and efforts, including the Cloud Foundry Foundation, the node.js Foundation, the Open Container Initiative, the OpenDayLight, and Let's Encrypt projects.

In a video interview, Zemlin discusses foundation building and talks about why the Linux Foundation is likely to keep growing.

In some respects, the Linux Foundation now provides 'Foundation as a Service,' though that's not the the goal that Zemlin has. Given the broader efforts of the Linux Foundation in 2015, Zemlin also has no plans to rename the Linux Foundation either.

"I do think there is a lot of value in the reputation that the name Linux implies, in terms of it being the most successful open source project in the world," Zemlin said.

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