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The Art Of Human Verification

We've seen the traditional email verification box:  the one where letters are scrabbled a bit in some wacky font and you have to decipher and type it in another box if you're trying to forward a Web page or email.

Most times I get it right though there have been times I haven't been able to figure out what the second or third letter is thanks to the slash or graffiti-like design. When I'm denied due to poor typing, or illiteracy in reading the scrambled letters, I take it personally. I mean it's all about determining if I'm human or some bot right?

So that's why I am so excited to see a Web site using a different approach--one that asks me to add numbers to determine if I'm human. And it's simple math thankfully, like 16+9  or 7+4 ... the math I know and love well. The math that actually has helped me during life ;)  though I have to admit one of my college statistic courses has come in handy too over the years.

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