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Three Hours Of No Email: Priceless

BlackBerry users went without email for three hours Monday and by some news account you'd think Armageddon had it North America. Really, how big a deal is it to go without email?

Just imagine being told by your boss not to launch your email application for a full day. Instead you're told to rely on that shiny black instrument to the left of your monitor, and those two things tucked under your desk, for communication purposes.

Yes, I mean the phone and your feet. You can pick them both up to interact with people who can give you information in what's typically a quicker fashion and much more efficient fashion. Walking over to another's office to get information is actually mobility in its truest form isn't it ;)

I mean, realistically, if someone emails you and you don't respond, and it's truly important they don't usually give up right? You'll get pinged on IM or a text on your phone, or your phone will actually ring.

After all, it's not like we're ever completely out of reach these days.

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