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Bigger is Better

Yes, it's true. Really. Size matters, as one researcher puts it.

And we're talking computer monitors here.

It seems the bigger a monitor, the more work us workers will do. Hmmmmm. But two small monitors together also seem to boost productivity.

But if it's too big then productivity can suffer.

Researchers at the University of Utah tested how fast people performed work while using various computer screen sizes.

Productivity was tested on an 18-inch monitor, a 24-inch and with two 20-inch displays.

Using the 24-inch screen workers completed the tasks 52% faster than those working on an 18-inch.

And those using the two 20-inch monitors were 44% faster than those with the 18-inch ones.

So obviously 18-inch screens aren't doing it for most people.

Yet productivity seems to drop when people used a 26-inch screen.

I should note here that NEC, which makes monitors, sponsored the study.

As one researcher noted, businesses should realize that the right monitor could make someone more productive.

The answer? Buy the biggest when you can. "Size matters,��� said the researcher.