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Michael Phelps and the true beauty of the Internet

Yes, the US swimmer is, in my opinion, the greatest athlete I think we'll see for a long time.

He's up there with Tiger.

But the most amazing thing -- as one credit card company would say  -- the most 'priceless' thing -- is that my daughter and I got to watch his races over and over again on our laptops this weekend.

We shared the exhilaration of that fingertip win... of his power in the water ... of his commitment to his sport.

As I told my 15-year-old, who has now ordered every poster there is of Phelps, I didn't have that luxury or chance to watch Mark Spitz over and over when I was a teen. (Stop counting the years...).

It makes you realize how powerful, and amazing, the Internet can be. Something I think we all tend to forget now and then.