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Distracted Driving a Big Issue for Employers?

As mobile devices proliferate so is the danger of misuse. Already there have been numerous cases of so-called "distracted drivers" getting in accidents because they were using a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle.

EnterpriseMobileToday reports on why employers would be well-advised to set clear policies for how mobile devices are to be used both for safety and to minimize their liability.

Texting while driving is now illegal in 20 states, but the potential liability doesn't end with the driver, according to Zurich. The insurance giant said companies would be well advised to issue guidelines that spell out that employee use of cellular devices while driving is neither encouraged nor condoned.

"How you communicate the policy is a big item," Jim Noble, Zurich's line of business director, told InternetNews.com.

"If you have a policy but your internal practice encourages cell phone use while driving, the policy is essentially without merit." As an example, Noble said it would be ill advised for a company to suggest a conference call during "downtime" when it knows that several staffers will be available in their cars. "That's probably worst than not having a policy -- setting a policy and then abusing it," he said.

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