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Apple Reunited With iPhone Prototype

The past couple of days have seen the blogosphere abuzz over what seemed at first to be an impossible story: A prototype fourth-generation Apple iPhone left behind at a bar, discovered by another patron, then given to the gadget blog Gizmodo -- which not long after posted its discovery.

Of course, in the intervening hours since Gizmodo posted its story, Apple itself revealed that the iPhone prototype is very much real. But that's just the start of the strange tale of the lost Apple prototype. Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

The saga of the discovery of a next-generation iPhone prototype that was left in a bar -- and that is now back in the hands of Apple -- continues.

After reporting on details of the new iPhone and verifying it was an authentic prototype from Apple, staff from the gadget site Gizmodo today say the mobile device has been returned to Apple.

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