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Airpath Introduces WiFi "Hotspot in a Box"

Capitalizing on the momentum from the creation of public 8021.11 hotspots, Airpath Wireless has introduced called "Hotspot-In-A-Box" to encourage creation of the public access points.

Hotspots provide public Internet access to devices like handhelds and laptops that are equipped with 802.11b network cards. The company said its all-in-one approach is aimed at hotels, airports and other public venues where people bring their handhelds and laptops.

The package includes all the network equipment needed to install a wireless hotspot as well as end-user billing capabilities, the company said in a statement. The company previously was known for its network of hotspots as well as its customer settlement network.

"We've designed a turnkey product that will let our customers become instant wireless Internet Service Providers [WISPs]," said Todd Myers, Airpath's president and CEO. "Just add broadband and you're ready to go."

The company said the system is access-provider-neutral. Part of the package is automatic membership in the Airpath Roaming Network, which is the company's footprint of WLAN hotspots.

The company said in a statement that the package will enable installation of a hotspot in "less than a week." It provided no pricing details, although it said it also would offer integration assistance if needed by the customer.