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LeapPoint Secures Wireless Enterprises with New Server

Addressing the increasingly important security concerns associated with wireless networking, Interlink Networks and LeapPoint Technologies have anounced a network-access security appliance aimed for medium to large enterprises, designed specifically for the 802.11 market.

Under the agreement, Interlink provides the RADIUS-based network-access management software, while LeapPoint contributes the hardware appliance platform.

The AiroPoint 3600 Security Server, sold under the LeapFront brand, provides RADIUS authentication, authorization, and accounting services as well as 802.1x wireless LAN security in a single device. When a user attempts to connect to a network, the AiroPoint 3600 performs an authentication check using user-credential information stored in a database to ensure that the user has the proper permissions to connect to the Internet. It supports the 802.1x Extensible Authenticaion Protocol (EAP) as well as proprietary authentication protocols from 3Com, Agere, and Cisco (including the LEAP protocol).

The server is built around an Intel Pentium CPU and the Linux operating system.

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