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New Short Range Wi-Fi Antenna

Privately held Ethertronics of San Diego, CA, is a maker of antennas for phones, PDAs, laptops, and, of course, WLAN equipment. The new JI Standard Embedded Antenna is the company's latest for the 2.400-2.485 GHz frequency band used by 802.11b networks.

Bruce Gray, CEO of Ethertronics, said in the announcement, "Our JI antenna offers simple, drop-in wireless connectivity to streamline the development process."

OEMs of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or HomeRF equipment will find using the antenna cuts down on development time for products and cuts down on manufacturing costs, a savings they can pass on to end users. The JI, which weighs less than one gram, uses Ethertronics' patented "shaping technology" to change the near-field electromagnetic pattern of the RF signal, which improves signal strength. The company says it can be mounted very close to existing WLAN components in a product.

The JI Standard Embedded Antenna is now shipping in volume.