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MeshNetworks Announces Radio Agnostic Chip

MeshNetworks, Inc. a leading developer of mobile broadband networking technology, today announced the delivery and commercial availability of its Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). The chip offers OEMs a cost-effective solution for adding MeshNetworks' Multi-Hop routing technology, high-speed data rates, Quality of Service (QoS) management, and precision geo-location to mobile computing, telematics and entertainment platforms.

The ASIC was designed using a "radio agnostic" philosophy, which supports seamless integration with a wide range of radio technologies -- including OFDM, 802.11, ultrawideband and MeshNetworks' patented QDMA broadband radio solution. It is designed specifically for mobile devices and is a key component of the mobile broadband PC card recently announced by MeshNetworks. The chip is also suitable for non-mobile applications, since it eliminates line-of-sight issues and truck rolls for last-mile broadband access installations.

"MeshNetworks' approach relieves the user device of all mobile ad hoc networking tasks by embedding a high performance processor in their ASIC architecture," said Anik Bose, Vice President, 3Com Ventures. "Applications will run faster, resulting in a higher quality user experience."

"The commercial availability of the MeshNetworks' ASIC makes ad hoc, peer- to-peer networking a reality today," said Masood Garahi, chairman and CEO of MeshNetworks. "Any wireless device, such as laptops, PDAs and portable multimedia players can now be enabled with MeshNetworks' self-forming, self- healing, and self-balancing mobile broadband technology."

The first application of the MeshNetworks ASIC is planned for ViewSonic's SuperPDA and ViewPad Tablet PC products. A joint technology and market development initiative between the two companies was previously announced in March 2002. ViewSonic is one of the numerous industry leaders participating in the MeshPartner Alliance Program.

The MeshNetworks ASIC is now available to licensees. Quantity pricing is available and includes silicon, software and all Intellectual Property royalties. Companies interested in becoming a MeshNetworks' licensee can contact the company's sales department via e-mail at sales@meshnetworks.com.

MeshNetworks will be demonstrating its breakthrough technology and products in a featured two-hour technical session at the 802.11 Planet conference & Expo in Philadelphia on June 10, 2002.

MeshNetworks has developed a mobile broadband network architecture based on patented ad hoc peer-to-peer (p2p) routing technology. The result is a self-forming, self-healing wireless mesh where mobile devices become the network. MeshNetwork's Multi-Hopping routing technology offers non-line-of-sight broadband connectivity, while eliminating the need for towers and extensive system design. MeshNetworks addresses the needs of both mobile and fixed wireless broadband applications. MeshNetworks is a venture- backed startup, whose investors include: Apax Partners, BancBoston Ventures, Inc., ITT Industries, Redwood Ventures, and 3Com Ventures.