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Scans like a Yellowjacket

Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) of Metuchen, NJ this week unveiled its new handheld analysis module for 802.11b-based networks. The Yellowjacket is an add-on for a Compaq iPAQ PocketPC personal digital assistant that measures direct sequence WLANs in the 2.4 to 2.495GHz band to determine the access point, SSIS, packet error rate (PER), WEP settings, Multipath (Ec/Io) and more about the network.

The Yellowjacket does a full sweep of the 14 channels available in the 802.11b standard, plus it can zoom in on a single channel. It utilizes the Windows CE operating system to process and filter DSSS studies, and the unique direction finding antenna will help pinpoint interference or even potential hackers trying to break into the WLAN.

Using the removable iPAQ means having a backlit touch-screen interface using the PDA stylus. The 4000-color screen will display color-coded real-time analysis of WLAN signals using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, MapInfo applications, and BVS's own Dolphin real-time mapping software for output.

Yellowjacket package is priced two ways: $3200 with iPAQ model 3765, USB cradle, batteries with charger, AC adapter, and carrying case; or just $2800 without an iPAQ. Scott N. Schober, President & CEO of BVS, says the product should work with any 3700 series iPAQ.

The Yellowjacket will be formally announced at the 802.11 Planet Conference & Expo next week during a workshop on "RF Site Survey Basics" given by Jim Geier (802.11 Planet contributor and author of the book Wireless LANs from SAMs publishing). The product will also be featured prominently in demos from the company throughout the show.

BVS's senior hardware designer Ray Chadwick and senior software engineer Herb Petrat will both be giving a seminar on "Inside 802.11b Test Equipment" at the 80211 Planet Conference & Expo in Philadelphia on June 10.