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Pass-One Holds First Meeting

In Boston earlier this week, the non-profit Pass-One wireless Internet service provider (WISP) association announced in April held its first official meeting, with the goal of establishing a standard for roaming wireless access service that can be used globally. Member networks using this standard in the future will be certified as compliant by Pass-One, and be able to use the Pass-One global service mark to signify compliance (similar to the Wi-Fi logo from WECA to signify compliance). By signing a bilateral roaming agreement, Pass-One member WISPs agree to let their client users access each other's networks.

The service mark, as well as a multilateral roaming agreement for all carriers, is expected by the end of the year. The group's next plenary meeting will be in November 2002 in Europe.

The meeting was attended by 30 WLAN equipment manufacturers and over 20 WISPs, including many of the North American cellular phone carriers. Fees and dues were defined by the executive committee as a flat annual fee of $10,000 (10,750 Euros); the initial fee covers members through the end of calendar year 2002. Beginning Monday, June 24, the application for membership (for WISPs) or participation (for WLAN vendors) will be available at Pass-One.com.

Pass-One was founded by five WISPs and five WLAN vendors. Founding members include: Symbol Technologies, Nomadix, Funk Software, Service Factory AB, and TSI Telecommunication Services. The current executive committee is made up of representatives from founding members FatPort, Tele2, OpenPoint Networks, Wificom; the chairman is Phil Belanger of Wayport.

Eric Griffith is the managing editor of 802.11 Planet.

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