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Templar Captures CapWIN Deal

The Templar Corp. has been selected as the exclusive provider of data sharing technology for an integrated mobile wireless network being developed through the CapWIN Capital Wireless Integrated Network (CapWIN) Project. By using Templar's Informant product, transportation and public safety data in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia will be accessible on a wireless network.

The project is the first multi-state transportation and public safety integrated wireless network in the U.S. and backers say it has the potential to be the model for all future information sharing networks throughout the U.S. and other countries.

The Alexandria, Va.-based Templar was selected as a solution provider to CapWIN because of the technology's ability to access information in real-time from multiple distributed databases and present it in an understandable form.

CapWIN is being facilitated through the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology at the University of Maryland and is governed by an executive board comprised of public safety, transportation and elected officials from around the metropolitan region. The goal of the project is to develop a wireless network that provides critical information to public safety and transportation officials regarding life-threatening situations.

Templar's Informant product is at the core of CapWIN's information sharing capabilities. Using the product's intelligent query to share data from multiple disparate data sources, Informant allows authorized users of CapWIN to not only retrieve information their own databases and state repository, but also from other participating jurisdictions.

CapWIN has assembled a team of technology leaders, led by IBM, to support its initiative. Templar is one of the best-of-breed technology providers selected to be part of the team. Others include market leaders like PB Farradyne, TeleCommunication Systems Corp. (TCS) and Pelican Mobile.

"This project is a landmark in public safety collaboration. These agencies share our vision of providing access to critical information in real-time from cross-jurisdictional sources. We're excited to be part of the IBM team and to assist CapWIN in improving coordination and information sharing between public safety agencies in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia," said Glenn Archer III, CEO of Templar Corp. "We are deploying a proven technology that has improved public safety in many other areas of the country."

Informant is a data sharing system that allows public safety agencies to securely share information across physical and jurisdictional boundaries. The system allows law enforcement and public safety professionals to access critical, lifesaving information, regardless of their location.

The software allows users to search multiple databases using any web browser from a desktop, laptop, cellular phone or PDA through any TCP/IP network. A flexible security component allows the originating owners of the data source to maintain complete control of its information while permitting partners need-to-know access, thus ensuring database integrity and control of shared information.

Other regions using the Informant system include CRIMES (Comprehensive Regional Information Management Exchange System) from Hampton Roads, Va.; ITIP (Information Technology Improvement Project) from Low Country, S.C.; and ARJIS (Automated Regional Justice Information System) from San Diego, Calif.