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A Longer Range WaveBolt

Cirronet, Inc., a provider of wireless transceivers and broadband Internet access products, announced a new product that enables its WaveBolt wireless Internet access system to reach farther, enabling cheaper deployments in sparsely populated areas.

According to the company, its WaveBolt standalone wireless internet access point unit will provide solid wireless links from an ISP's equipment to end users and save up to 38 percent of the cost of a rack-mount system. The WaveBolt Standalone access point, fully equipped with a power supply and a radio, is designed to serve up to 60 subscribers within a typical two-to-five mile range and dynamically allocate bandwidth to provide over 1 Mbps throughput.

A WaveBolt Series 9 Access Point Radio, included with the standalone access point, is mounted outside up to 500 feet from the access point. The radio communicates with the access point through multi-conductor cable using standard digital signals. The radio, in turn, communicates with end users, each equipped with WaveBolt's Subscriber Unit, which relies on Cirronet's frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology.

The company says that its FHSS prevents interference with radios operating in close proximity, provides immunity from other potential jamming sources, and offers enhanced security. Cirronet's FHSS technology is also designed to be highly immune to multipath. The company says that rapid and random sequencing of the signal over a broad spectrum of frequencies has proven that WaveBolt is effective in dealing with typical NLOS conditions. WaveBolt also incorporates the company's Media Access Control (MAC) software that may ensure error-free data transmission regardless of signal fade and latency.

"The standalone access unit is ideal for ISPs serving remote or thinly populated areas," said Tim Cutler, Cirronet's vice president of sales and marketing. "The low price point means operators can now offer high-speed Internet access in these areas and expect a much faster return on investment."

"We operate in a fairly rural and mountainous area, so the ability to reach customers in variable terrain is very important," says Russ Brown, manager of Volcano Telecom, Inc., an ISP serving northeastern California in the heart of Gold Rush country. "We find that WaveBolt performs extremely well in NLOS settings. Even customers located in low-lying areas may have better than 90 percent signal from the access point. Overall, WaveBolt serves our broadband Internet access needs very well, is simple to install and offers great ROI."

Availability and pricing
The WaveBolt Wireless Internet Access Point is in final beta and should be available in a few weeks.

The access point will be priced as follows:

WaveBolt Standalone access point: $955
WaveBolt Standalone access point with radio: $1,550
WaveBolt Standalone access point with radio, cable, and antenna: $1,959

Reprinted from ISP-Planet.