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Telco Billing at Hotspots

Telco billing solution provider Am-Beo, a company with headquarters in Galway, Ireland and offices in France, Spain, and the U.S. (Denver), announced that it is going into the wireless LAN space. They will be providing a billing solution for mobile operators that are integrating hotspots as a part of their existing cellular network.

This solution is for 2.5G/GPRS operators, says Anthony Behan,

Vice President Market Development at Am-Beo. "They need something to fill the gap and complement what's coming."

The Am-Beo Wireless LAN Solution will manage the roaming and revenue sharing between wireless carriers, running as an adjunct part of the carriers' existing billing infrastructure.

"Because our customers are delivering an extension of an existing network, the seamlessness needs to be replicated: We're talking roaming, seamless handoff, pervasive network availability," says Behan.

The Am-Beo Wireless LAN Solution is made up of two Am-Beo products, a version of its rate-rec real-time rating and revenue chain management software tailored specifically for WLANs and Roam Manager, which the company uses currently for TAP roaming on GSM and GPRS networks.

Am-Beo has rolled out a trial of the product suite with Transat Technologies and will continue to have trials over the next few months.

Eric Griffith is the managing editor of 802.11 Planet.

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