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AirMagnet Classes Go World Wide

AirMagnet of Mountain View, CA, makers of the AirMagnet Handheld and Laptop Analyzers, software for wireless LAN administration, installation surveying, security assessment, connection troubleshooting, performance management, and operational support, is now offering a 2-day training course for the product. The company offered a sample of this course in November in San Mateo, near its headquarters, and the success led to going world wide: In partnership with third party training companies, the course will be available in North America, Europe and Japan this year.

The course, entitled Wireless LAN Administration Using AirMagnet, is a 2-day focused look at use of AirMagnet tools in enterprise WLANs. AirMagnet says prerequisites to taking the class are general understanding of LAN topologies, the OSI model, and the various functions of devices on a network. The course will cover basic introduction to what the AirMagnet programs do, and WLAN info on radio frequency, antennas, 802.11 architecture, how to do a site survey, and security issues.

The lecture classes in the United States will start in February in Washington DC and Las Vegas; there will be classes in Atlanta, GA, in March, and Los Angeles in April. The first overseas class will be in Tokyo, Japan, in March. European-based classes should also start then. Visit www.airmagnet.com for the full schedule.

The North American classes will be taught by the Institute for Network Professionals; overseas sessions will be handled by TOYO Corporation in Japan and Global Secure Systems (GSS) throughout Europe.

The course costs $1295 for the two days. It's hands-on, and the company will provide AirMagnet equipped handheld PocketPC units to attendees for the two days; there's no need to purchase AirMagnet ahead of time to take the class. For more information, call 650-694-6754.

Eric Griffith is the managing editor of 802.11 Planet.

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