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Bluesocket Plays Nice with Others

Burlington, MA-based Bluesocket this week announced several agreements to build interoperability with several hotspot vendors and products from Interlink Networks of Ann Arbor, MI, in conjunction with the latest edition of its gateway software, version 2.1.

The new software is currently available for use on all three of the Bluesocket Wireless Gateways, products which sit between an enterprise's access points (wireless base stations) and the rest of the network, acting as a gateway between wireless and wired components. Version 2.1 adds support for 802.1Q VLANs, transparent single sign-in for 802.1X and other authentication advances, a display for network monitoring, and login page customization so the first page a user sees can be turned into a marketing tool.

Bluesocket is building in interoperability with Interlink Network's security products, and vice versa. Interlink makes Secure.XS (pronounced "Secure Access"), a $2500+ Linux and Windows-based solution for 802.1X authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA). Interlink recently announced that Secure.XS has added support for the Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) in addition to EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, Cisco's LEAP, MD5, and others.

In the cases where a customer could benefit from the different features of the two company's products, they'll co-market for each other. The hard part of making the products work together has already been accomplished.

Bluesocket is also trying to facilitate easier public access by working with Wi-Fi hotspot providers iPass, Airpath Wireless, and GRIC Communications. The company's Wireless Gateways will be interoperable out of the box with each provider's network in the United States. The agreement also covers sales and marketing efforts.