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Airpath's AAA goes World Wide

Airpath Wireless of Toledo, Ohio, isn't going to be limited to just US dollars any more. A new upgrade to the back-end services it provides to Wi-Fi hotspot vendors will allow them to offer multi-lingual and multi-currency support.

"Now any country with any currency can use our solutions and have a branded page opening with their language and [can accept payment in any] currency no matter what country they're in," according to Tim Barrett, president and co-founder of Airpath.

Airpath's Hot Spot Billing Suite is a Web-based application that centralizes the back-end for hotspot and hotzone providers. It takes care of managing the network and subscribers, brings up branded interface page for users, and handles all authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) . The suite is used in the back end of over 110 hotspots currently, but all using US dollars. The latest version of the software opens Airpath up to customers world wide.

"If you're Canadian, you want to deal with Canadian currency," says Barrett. "We've made our model so people can adapt. People can now become providers [that] didn't have the solutions they need before."

In August, Airpath opened up membership in it's network to anyone using hotspot hardware provided by Colubris, Nomadix, Bluesocket, and IP3 Networks are all supported. The company offers Airpath-powered "Instant Hot Spots" products based on Colubris, Nomadix, and Cisco hardware.