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AirWave Upgrades Management Platform

The AirWave Management Platform (AMP), the cornerstone product offered by San Mateo, CA-based AirWave Wireless, has been released with a version 2.0 upgrade. The software allows for centralized management and configuration of enterprise access points and keeps track of wireless network performance.

AirWave president Greg Murphy says the "distinguishing feature" of v2.0 is the larger number of enterprise access points it supports. The list now includes products from 3eTI, Avaya , Cisco , Dell , Intel , Proxim , and Compaq/Hewlett Packard . The previous version of AMP was limited to Cisco and Proxim products.

While just about any access point that supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) could be made to function with AMP with some work, according to Murphy, the " lower end access points that target the consumer and SOHO market, you find many in the enterprise -- they're rogues that employees or department heads have installed."

Rogue access point detection is automated in AMP v2.0. It has a Wireless Detection Module that uses the installed access points to scan and report on any unauthorized access points found. The software will pinpoint the port on the network where the rogue access point is located, minimizing need for time-consuming physical searches with handheld analyzers.

Another new move is integration with HP OpenView, an industry standard for wired network control.

"We are starting to see large organizations using their wireless LAN as a core part of their LAN," says Murphy. "They need to be able to see that wireless part with the same tools. By integrating with HP OpenView, they can see the wireless LAN as icons in the overall network infrastructure."

Last summer AMP was approved by Check Point Software Technologies to support Check Point virtual private network (VPN) solutions onto WLANs.