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SupportSoft to Ease Home Wireless Net Installs

Redwood City, Calif.-based SupportSoft, a maker of automation software for service providers, this week announced a new version its HomeNet software for broadband service providers at SuperComm in Atlanta. The software is given by the provider to its subscribers to make it easier for them to setup home networks by handling installation and configuration automatically.

HomeNet, which first was announced in December last year with support for 802.11b networks, has now been updated to work with 802.11g and 11a based home networks.

Marc Itzkowitz, manager of broadband product marketing at SupportSoft, says HomeNet is not limited by the vendor products used, though the software is generally bundled with specific hardware endorsed or sold by the broadband provider. "The product is open to work with any vendors, but the carriers bundle it typically with a router and disk," he says.

This version of HomeNet also includes special mulit-user ad hoc networking features between users with the software installed. Those without the software can usually get it remotely if the broadband provider makes it available for download.

Itzkowitz says six of the top seven broadband service providers use SupportSoft products, including names like Comcast, SBC, and Bell South.