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Green Bay WISP adds Mobile IP/VPN Services

Earlier this week, ipUnplugged of Stockholm, Sweden, announced an agreement with Green Bay, Wis., cellular provider Nsight Telservices, in which Nsight will use ipUnplugged's Mobile IP product for integration with wireless LANs.

Nsight's service is the nations first Mobile VPN, targeting mobile business customers who connect back to the corporate network over CDMA2000 cell phone networks or Wi-Fi-based hotspots.

Jakob Larsen, Marketing Manager at ipUnplugged, says his company's Mobile IP technology adds value by adding an IPSec layer. His company is focused on providing Mobile IP to the service provider space, which is whey he says they've made their solution more scalable than competitors.

Users could "start the morning in the office at the PC, and the client knows the user is in-house. But when they move outside of the office, and unplug, they're automatically moved onto the 802.11b network or hotspot," says Larsen. "This is when Mobile IP and IPSec kicks in. If you keep moving with a PDA throughout the day, then go into the CDMA2000 network, it still works."

The company also just put out a new Mobile VPN solution for Pocket PC devices, which includes an ipUnplugged Roaming Client for the PDA or laptop, Roaming Gateway which aggregates traffic, and a Roaming Server for subscriber handling and configuration.

In May, ipUnplugged teamed with Nomadix to make sure the latters public-access/hotspot products worked with Mobile VPN solutions.